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  • Our Investment: $150.00
  • Payout rtio: 252% in profit
  • Rating: 9.8 / 31 голосов
  • PerfectMoney Payeer BankWire Visa/MasterCard BitCoin OkPay
  • Work: 813 дней
  • On monitoring: 200 дней
  • Min. depo: 25
  • Payouts: Instant
  • Форумы: TG MMG DTM

Invest plan: 728% - 1777% after 365 day
0.8% - 3% day

Referal program: 5%

Forex Paradise Ltd. is a well-known team of traders with a 10+ years experience in investments. Initially, we worked as a supportive third-party company in collaboration with other large enterprises but we later decided to run business on our own. That is who we are now: an international company providing investment services worldwide. Today, Forex Paradise Ltd. is not just another name in the Yellow Pages. Forex Paradise Ltd. works in: forex trading, PAMM investments, investment trusts, asset management etc. It has never been this easy to have a stable and safe income! It is also no coincidence that Forex Paradise Ltd.'s head office is located in Hong Kong: the Asian emerging market is arguably one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

  • Our Investment: $150.00
  • Payout rtio: 123% in profit
  • Rating: 10.0 / 43 голосов
  • PerfectMoney Payeer BitCoin OkPay
  • Work: 66 дней
  • On monitoring: 46 дней
  • Min. depo: 10
  • Payouts: Instant
  • Support E-mail
  • Форумы: TG MMG DTM

Invest plan: 1.5% - 2.5%
RBC 150%

Referal program: 10%

GLOBAL MARKET corporation is the liquidity of the companies representing services on the Forex market, Binary options and Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

  • E-dinar
  • Paying
  • Last payout: Apr 28th, 2016
  • Our Investment: $200.00
  • Payout rtio: 27%
  • Rating: 10.0 / 6 голосов
  • PerfectMoney Payeer Qiwi BitCoin Payza OkPay PayPal
  • Work: 169 дней
  • On monitoring: 21 дней
  • Min. depo: 1
  • Payouts: Manual
  • Phone: +7 800 350 01 73
  • Форумы: TG MMG DTM

Invest plan: 20% in month, 0.65 daily
RCB 90%

Referal program: 9% – 4,5% – 0.3% – 0.3% – 0.3% – 0.3% – 0.3%

To join the Internet community E-DINAR, and become the owner of cryptocurrency E-DINAR, the volume of which is increasing by 20% per month, you need to do a few simple and exciting actions: It is necessary to register on the website (registration link) Send your money to the P2P E-DINAR Exchange, where you can buy cryptocurrency from other traders on the open market or buy E-DINAR currency in one of the certified site – exchanger presented on our website (link to the list of Exchangers where you can buy E-DINAR) Transfer E-DINAR currency to your wallet for the currency, which an Internet community E-DINAR has already created for you. It is created automatically and for free after your registration. Watch for the increasing number of your currency by 20% per month. At any time you can sell your E-DINAR currency at the exchange P2P (link to the exchange) or in one of the certified sites - exchangers. (Link to the site of the exchanger) We remind you, because of mining the total amount of your currency E-DINAR increases by 20% monthly.

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  • May 1st, 2016
  • Inc-avtocar

    Silver +9% к вкладу за 24 часа (от 100 до 5000 RUB)
    Bronze +12% к вкладу за 3 дня, начисления ежедневно (от 3000 до 10000 RUB)
    Gold +25% к вкладу за 7 дней, начисления ежед

  • Apr 28th, 2016
  • Billionearn.com

    2.5%-4% for 120 working days; 1-3% daily, for 120-60 working days, 6% weekly, for 17 weeks, 30% monthly, for 4 month; 1200%-200% after 120-20 days, 7%-11% for 71-14 working days.

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