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  • Our Investment: $200.00
  • Payout rtio: 185% in profit
  • Rating: 9.1 / 139 votes       Support E-mail Support Forum
  • takes:
    PerfectMoney Visa/MasterCard ADV
  • Work: 203 дней
  • On monitoring: 99 дней
  • Min. depo: 7$
  • Payouts: Manual
  • forums: TG MMG DTM MMGP
  • status: ISP allmonitors.co.in

Invest plan: 0.777 daily

Referal program: 7% upline or 5%-1%-1%

The project is GOOD. An independent organization under the auspices of the Association of the intensity of the Light. The development of schools and trends in esoteric sense. Work the Deposit insurance scheme and a Programme of grant aid to the needy. The option to take the body of the Deposit at any time after deduction of interest received. The administrator is always connected. Honest, open, stable Project work for 105 days! We are just different. Don't miss your chance to make the world better!

  • Our Investment: $200.00
  • Payout rtio: 39%
  • Rating: 8.4 / 57 votes       Support E-mail Support Forum
  • takes:
    PerfectMoney Payeer BitCoin ADV
  • Work: 17 дней
  • On monitoring: 12 дней
  • Min. depo: 10
  • Payouts: Instant
  • forums: TG MMG DTM MMGP
  • status: ISP allmonitors.co.in

Invest plan: 3% daily

Referal program: 10%

PAYTUP the optimal choice of a payment instrument, created by professionals in the field of e-Commerce and Internet business. Also there are plans to develop mobile applications to control the card and wallet from a mobile device anywhere in the world. The service PAYTUP you can make a payment at the Internet, pay remuneration to employees, make payments, pay purchase card. Also in our state there are professional traders who provide a service of increasing Your capital through Forex. To trust your money Manager, You can directly in the personal account.

  • Our Investment: $350.00
  • Payout rtio: 9%
  • Rating: 7.2 / 9 votes       Support E-mail Support Forum
  • takes:
  • Work: 3 дней
  • On monitoring: 2 дней
  • Min. depo: 10
  • Payouts: Manual
  • forums: MMGP
  • status: ISP allmonitors.co.in

Invest plan: 10% - daily, for 20 days

Referal program: 10% from the earnings of a partner

Production of advertising on the Internet – the most effective method of promotion of any business and commercial projects. It is the huge market with inexhaustible commercial opportunities. And we successfully use these opportunities for generation of high profit and obtaining of new advertising contracts. BTC Shares – the Singapore company, whose activities is focused on provision available, mass and target online advertizing. Our company was created in 2013. The main strategic objective of the company is creation of new algorithms of advertizing intervention based on messengers, apps of the mobile devices and specialized online advertizing platforms worldwide.

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