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Investors dictionary

If you have just started working in the investment industry, you will face many difficulties, one of which is "investment market jargon". In order to facilitate your acquaintance with this concept, we decided to write this article, in which we will consider the main terms and concepts of the HYIP-industry.

The following are the basic concepts of the investment market
AccountYour account in the project, which is available after registration. It gives access to a personal account, investments, withdrawals and promotional materials of the project
Automatic payments
(Auto payment)
One of the most reliable and convenient modes of payment of investment projects. In this type of payment, money will automatically come to You at Your specified purse in the payment system. Thus, there is no need go to the project dashboard, order payment and wait
BatchThe ID of the payment transaction, it has numbered view and assigned to any payment via EPS (electronic payment system)
Compoundingn fact, it reinvestment of Your profits to the Deposit body to increase it and thus increase profits. As a rule, HYIP projects have a choice of reinvest size in the range from 0 to 100%
Daily foreverThis type of investment involves the possibility of daily payments for the project lifetime
Denial of ServiceThe problem of the project site caused by the hacker attack on him. In most cases this message when opening the website is not good. Most likely, the project will no longer resume its work, and make deposits into it, certainly not worth it
DiversificationOne of the investment strategies, in which investment fund are distributed on different projects. This method of work allows you to significantly reduce the risk of losing money. Often, losses in one HYIP project are overlapped by profit from another
EarningThe amount of profit on interest from deposits, referral programs and other bonuses from the investment project
Earning only on mon-friThe word combination, meaning interest accrual in the project only on working days. Literally "earnings from Monday through Friday." If You saw this phrase on the website of the investment project, it's necessary to consider that on weekends, profit is not accrued
Fast HYIP or FastIs a type of investment projects. Projects of this type are characterized by high earnings (61% monthly and more) and a high degree of risk of collapse of the project. When investing in Fast HYIP should be very careful
GoldcodersIs the most common "engine" (the script, the creation program) of HYIP projects
HistoryIn the context of the investment project, means the tab in which You can find information about Your income, expenses, referral charges, etc.
HYIPAbbreviation investment programs with high returns (15% per month and more). This yield is significantly higher than the banking system of any country in the world
Instant WithdrawalsOne of the methods of payments of profits from the project. Has established itself as the second in reliability and the speed after the "automatic withdrawal". Characterized by instant payment immediately after the order in the personal account of HYIP project
Latest payoutsLast payouts from the project. Normally provided by administration at the site to confirm the solvency. With the reliability of this data can argue, but before the make deposit into the project it is worth checking the existence of payments
ListingList HYIP of projects hosted on HYIP monitor. The projects in the Listing are placed at a height depending on the amount paid by the HYIP administration. On this parameter can to assess the intentions of the administration on the timing of work, promotion of the project and its solvency
Is Your unique identifier in the project or website. Is chosen by You and serves as an identification mark for the administration and other users. Login required for authorization on the website of the HYIP. If the word "Login" looks like a button, in this case, it denotes the link to the login page to the personal account of the project
(HYIP monitoring)
Is a project having the form of a website, whose main task is the analysis of activity of HYIP, check the solvency of new HYIP projects and work in sphere of deposits insurance, the provision of refback and other features to it's users
Paid directly to e-currencyPayments directly to EPS. Usually this type of payments used in matrix projects and refers to direct transfers between participants
Paid PosterThe person who deals with posting of payments on HYIP forums, social networks, etc. to attract referrals, or simply "promotion" of the investment project
PendingStatus of payment indicating that it is processing. Usually, this status can be seen in the projects with manual payments of profit
Perfect MoneyMost popular and convenient electronic payment system for investing in HYIP. Has four currencies: USD, EUR, BTC and GOLD
Ponzi schemeThe basic model of investment HYIP projects. When working according to this scheme, the profit for the participants of HYIP accrued at the expense of new participants and their deposits
PoolA joint investment. The total amount of money collected by pool participants for investment in a particular project, with the aim of obtaining the total profits, followed by its distribution. Usually the Pool will apply to projects with a high threshold for minimum investments, when the investor doesn't have the power to Invest the entire amount
PrincipalThe original amount of the Deposit, his body without interest
RCBReferral commission back. Used mainly HYIP monitors or users with a lot of referrals as an additional incentive to attract new referrals
Referral linkThe link for the invitation referrals. In this link enclosing Your referral code, and user who used it to register in the project becomes your referral
RefundCompensation to the participant of losses in the HYIP project in the amount of his deposit. Occurs when the project is scam and paid by HYIP monitoring
Reinvest from account balance in the project, after the accrual of profits (without payment system). Either reinvestment in project with EPS, from which the payment has come, if the reinvest from the balance is not provided
ROIReturn on investment. The payback period of Your Deposit in HYIP project, the break-even point, which occurs at the time a full withdrawal of the Deposit body
SCAMLoss of solvency of the investment project. With his offensive payments from the HYIP terminated and investors funds will not be returned
ScriptCode for writing HYIP project. Unique script and design, evidence of serious intentions of the HYIP administration
ShareThe minimum amount of money required to participate in the Pool. Determined by its participants, depending on the total amount of necessary investments
SSLEncryption protocol, ensuring the protection of personal data and investments
Transaction codeThe password required to perform transactions. Acts as an additional protection, when withdraw money from HYIP project
VoitHired user engaged in cheating number of votes and feedback on a specific HYIP project. Hired by the HYIP administration. Voices of this user are not truthful in nature, as is done for a reward
Withdrawalapplication for withdraw funds from balance of the personal account in project

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