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Overview Paidreels

30.06.2023 - 22:10


Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
We are glad to present you a short review article, in which we will tell you about one of the newcomers to the VIP Listing section of our HYIP monitor.
A project called PaidReels, based on the information that is presented on the pages of its website, is a platform for making money by watching short Reels videos, where everyone can earn money by performing simple actions.
The project portal is designed in a simple style and translated into many different languages. Also, we note that the site has an intuitive interface and will be easy to use for all network users. Separately, we add that the PaidReels portal has a unique design, runs on a self-signed script and is equipped with an SSL data encryption certificate.
Earnings with PaidReels, as mentioned above, is based on watching short videos for which you will be paid money. But not everything is so simple. In order to receive these videos inside your account, you will need to buy one of the nine tariff plans. At the same time, prices start at 0.25 and end at almost 4 thousand dollars. Depending on the face value of the package, you will be credited with a certain number of videos per day. Also, the packages differ in remuneration for views, which can be from 25 cents to 1.60 USD and the amount of referral remuneration. At the same time, it is worth considering that each package has its own validity period, which ranges from 30 to 60 days from the date of its purchase.
PaidReels currently supports the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and USDT in ERC-20 and TRC-20 networks. As for the withdrawal, it is processed manually, the minimum payout amount here is $ 20, and the withdrawal of funds is available only on Fridays.
The affiliate program of the project has one level in depth, and deductions for it depend on the package you purchased. In this case, the size of the commission can vary from 4% to 10%.
Actually - this is all the information about the PaidReels project for today.
In addition, we note that for all our investors who decide to invest in PaydReels, an insurance fund in the amount of 1000 US dollars has been allocated.
Invest smartly and safely with Fairmonitor.com
The dynamics of contributions and technical details of the project are available on this site.
Checking the uniqueness of the design, technical analysis and volumes of deposits in PaidReels are available on Investorstartpage.

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