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Deposit insurance program

Projects with the insurance fund from Fairmonitor.com
Moreon - insurance fund 500$ ( registration in the project )

The program of insurance of contributions from Fairmonitor.com with a common fund
Fairmonitor offers a compensation fund to protect against losses in projects that are on our website. Projects for which a general compensation fund has been allocated, can be found in the list of insured projects, indicating the amount of fund.

To get the right to compensation, you must be our referral in project for which the insurance fund is allocated.

At the same time, you have the right to order a full refback, there are no restrictions. Simply register in the project with a common insurance fund and make deposit.

Only contributions made after publication of news about the addition of insurance fund are insured.

In the case of the SCAM project, wait news about collect applications for compensation of insured users.
Example of calculating the amount of compensations for payments:
Fund 500$, after the project scam lost the money 3 our partners: 500$, 300$ and 200$. The amount of compensation will be 250$, 150$ and 100$ respectively.

Compensation shall be calculated on the sum of the absolute loss, according to the formula: Deposit minus (received interest + refback

How to get compensation
• Wait news about moving project to the SCAM section on our website Fairmonitor.com or in our news channel in telegram (Fairmonitor @fairmonitoronline)

• Fill the application for compensation.

We value honesty. In the case of fraudulent actions by the user (providing incorrect, inaccurate, fictitious data), monitoring administration has the right to request additional data (screenshots from the project, payment system, etc.). If the user's actions are fraudulent, the Fairmonitor.com administration has the right to deny compensation.

A huge request to write about receiving insurance compensation in the themes of our HYIP monitor on forums and social networks. This method dissemination of information provides an opportunity to attract new users and positively affects the number of projects that participate in the insurance program, the amount of insurance and the timing of its payment.

In case of constant disregard of our requests for writing reviews on the forums, about the payment of insurance compensation, Fairmonitor.com administration reserves the right to refuse to pay compensation in favor of other, more responsible participants.

After implementation of this instruction, expect payment of compensation. It will be sent to at you purse, in accordance with the rules of insurance.

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