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Fair Holdings - your reliable partner

20.01.2023 - 00:12


Fairmonitor.com - honest monitoring with 14 years of excellent work history.


We know what admins miss so much in their work, and we are ready to offer the highest class all-in-one service.


Here, every owner of a financial project will find everything he needs.


Fair.holdings is a reliable and inexpensive service for admins of financial and crypto projects.



1. Registration of companies around the world.


We will quickly and inexpensively register a company in Europe, Asia, Africa or the New World.


Almost all countries are available. It is possible to select a nominee director and open a bank account.


We issue cryptolicenses in Georgia, Lithuania, UAE. Bookkeeping, renewal of companies.


Prices and examples of initial documents.




2. Registration of EV SSL.


EV SSL, or greenbar, is a certificate of conformity between your website and your company.


Maximum secure data encryption. We issue multi-domain EV SSL, also rare certificates from Symantec.


Make order.




3. Trust Seals


Trust seal from the world's leading security companies to confirm the maximum security of the site and your business. Symantec, SiteLock, Trust Guard, Thawte, DigiCert, Trustwave, LEI code, TrustedSite and others.


See examples and order.




4. Insurance certificates.


Leading global insurance companies.


Selection of an insurance program, insurance certificates, an agreement for investors.


Know more and order.




5. Top video production.


Any video for your project. With and without actors. Renting offices, cars all over the world.


Presentations, events, creative videos, live video reviews.


Selection and support of the companies work with the nominal director.


3D modeling. 24/7 video translation from mining farms, and much more.


Order a video for your project.




6. Advertising compaign.


Development of an advertising compaign on a turnkey basis.


The best selection of YouTube / tik-tok bloggers, network leaders.


Setting up teaser advertising, maintaining social networks. Recruitment and support by a support team.


Project support from start to finish.


Discuss the promotion of the project.



From my side I guarantee 100% confidentiality to clients. Strict compliance with deadlines and fair work in all orders.



Telegram: @Fairmonitor


Try Fair.holdings, you won't look for someone else.


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