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The most frequent mistakes in HYIPs

Investing is not an easy process, requiring cold mind, sober view, understanding of industry and the ability not fall into the trap of cunning admins. Although it takes time and experience to perfect skills, in this article we will tell you about popular mistakes made by investors so that you can avoid them or simply reduce the risk of losing money

So, let's begin!
Don't invest in the project without finding a normal review about him. Quite a simple but necessary rule. Every day appear projects in which admin doesn't even think to pay. However, simply finding a review is not enough, the review can be purchased or written by the administrator with a fake account. We advise you to find a resource that will always provide the necessary and truthful information, and it's better to have several such resources at the same time. In the event that you have chosen a group in a social network or a thematic forum as a resource, pay attention to people who leave feedback. Than more reviews, activity on account, the greater the chance that this is a true tip;
Never make a deposit into a project in which you can't promptly contact the administration. There are times when need to contact the administration to solve a particular problem, if only the email used for communication with the administrator, this is not enough. In a good project should be connected, social networks, Skype, Telegram, etc.;
Don't trust the stories of HYIP projects administrators. The task of the administrator, is to attract as much investment in the project as possible. Therefore, the administrator can talk about the success of his "company", about how honest he is and how he will regularly pay, but it's necessary to treat such statements with a certain amount of skepticism;
Don't follow the crowd. Not worth investing in a project, just because everyone does it. Any project sooner or later will leave in SCAM, your task is to recognize when this moment comes, regardless of the opinion of the crowd;
Use diversification reasonably. The main mistake of newcomers who learned about diversification, promiscuous deposits in random projects, only to not keep money in one project. This doesn't reduce the risks, but rather increases them. Therefore, if you decided to divide your investment portfolio, approach the selection of projects with all seriousness;
Don't use any unverified exchangers. Sometimes investors lose money without even investing in HYIPs. Having found a worthy project, sometimes happens that it works with payment systems on which money can be absent. In such situations it's worth using a trusted exchanger, let the exchange rate may be a little lower, but it's better to lose a couple of cents than the whole amount at once;
Don't lose vigilance. If you succeed, the amount of money increases and the scams bypass you, it means that you are doing everything right. However, it is at such moments that investors lose their vigilance, believing that they have everything under control, which ends in monetary losses. So never forget in which industry you earn and keep your mind cold.;
"Long-term investment is good". Many novice investors are trying to make a deposit on longest-term investment rate, because of its generous profit percentages. However, the administrators of HYIP projects create such plans without thinking of working for so long and paying these huge interest. It's much safer to invest in a project on a shorter-term basis, and ideally on plans with the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit body;
«ALL IN» or All for reinvest. Many investors abuse reinvestments, constantly reinvesting everything into the project. However, it's more reasonable to reinvest in the project the profit received from the investment in it. This will make it possible, if not to earn, at least not to lose money;
Borrow for investment. The most stupid mistake that an investor can make, realizing all the risks of investing, never take a loan to invest in a HYIP. Otherwise, you risk not only losing money, but also staying debtor;
Main mistake, exorbitant fear. HYIP investing, a place for risky people. Sometimes investors miss good projects because of fear of losing money. We do not encourage you to put everything at stake, but if you studied the project and believe that the risk is very likely to be justified, worth the risk. Only in this way you can achieve tangible financial results of your activities;

The main thing is personal experience!
It's he who is your guide to the stormy sea of HYIP investment.

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