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#1. GlobalTrustInvestment
#2. Grand Money
#3. AdBonuz
#4. Trade-Sol
#5. InIndia
#6. ArbitrageTop

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Top 10 RCB
10000% InIndia
8000% AdBonuz
5000% Fund-777
5000% Grand Money
5000% GbGroup24
5000% GtInvest
3000% CentreInvestGroup
3000% Trade-Sol
1000% Betstone Systems
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New Listings
Jul 21st, 2014
Betstone Systems Paying
0.7% - 6% daily for 10-50 days
Jul 19th, 2014
TruePaying Paying
130% - 2600% after 1-24 hours
Jul 17th, 2014
CentreInvestGroup Paying
0.95% - 1.5% Daily For 20 - 50 Days
Jul 16th, 2014
EarnHour Not Paying
102% - 150% after 1 hour
Lastest Payouts
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Betstone Systems
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Grand Money
Date:Jul-24 ,2014
Date:Jul-23 ,2014
Date:Jul-23 ,2014

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Instant Payment !!!  25.07.14 15:16 Received Payment 0.1 USD from account U3961968 to account U5077677. Batch: 64096118. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to edpr2140 from Centreinvestgroup.CentreInvestGroup
Instant: Date: 02:37 25.07.14 Batch: 64056132 Amount: $1.30 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from In India LIMITEDInIndia
Paying, thanks!Fund-777
Paying, thanks!Betstone Systems
Paying, thanks!GbGroup24
Paying, thanks!InIndia
Paying, thanks!CentreInvestGroup
Paying, thanks!Grand Money
Paying, thanks!StabilityPoint
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HYIP tech analysis
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#1. CentreInvestGroup
#2. InIndia
#3. AdBonuz
#4. Trade-Sol
#5. GlobalTrustInvestment
#6. Grand Money
#7. ArbitrageTop
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