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We are only for cultural communication!
That's why we created a small list of rights and duties of chat participants, for the comfortable pastime of all users in it.

1.Act of the chat rules.
1.1.Any user entering the chat, must understand and follow the rules of the chat of our HYIP monitor.

1.2.Before you decide join chat and write something, don't forget to read the rules. This is a simple formality inherent in all cultured and educated people (we welcome only such users), will give you the opportunity to avoid unpleasant situations associated with the blocking of your account and other disciplinary punishments.

2.In the chat is allowed.
2.1.Discuss everything regarding the world of finance and investment. Discussion of all HYIP monitor projects, conditions of its work, payment from projects, your financial or creative achievements, terms of deposit insurance, etc. And the most important is communication, because this chat created for you and if you consider something worthy of attention of it's participants, you can safely talk about it. What can't be said about is indicated in paragraph 3 of these rules

2.2.In the chat you can write suggestions on the work of the chat, our HYIP monitoring. Reasonable criticism of the monitoring's work, chat of its administrators and moderators. With you we become better, and all wishes will be taken into account.

3.In the chat is strictly prohibited.
3.1.Obscene expressions and abusive words. Obscene expressions in any form, threaten the user with an exclusion from chat, ban (for a period up to a permanent).

3.2.In our chat forbidden to discuss topics that are not intended for a wide range of the public (racism, nazism, propaganda of violence, drugs, child pornography, suicides and other immoral topics).

3.3.Also in the chat is prohibited to insult other users, administration.

3.4.Advertising of any kind in the chat is prohibited. If you think the material you want to share, worthy of attention, ask permission from the administration. If the material is really interesting, we will definitely let you write about it in the chat.

Following these simple rules, you can freely communicate in the chat of our first monitoring bank and enjoy the communication

New Projects

  • 16.09.2021
  • Bitplam

    4% - 5% daily for 30 - 40 days (deposit back anyime)

  • Infinity Bet

    0.5% - 1.2% daiy unitl 200% - 220% ROI

  • Meatex

    2% - 3% daily for 15 - 35 days | 150% - 3100% after 20 - 210 days

  • 15.09.2021
  • Energy Mining Gold

    1% - 1.2% daily + increase token price

  • 03.09.2021
  • Bright Right

    101.5% after 1 - 90 days | 0.07% hourly for 30 days | 2.2% - 2.5% daily for 25 - 60 days

  • 02.09.2021
  • CrowdHash

    6% - 8% Daily for 30 days (hourly payments)

  • Billiton Finance

    102.5% - 3500% after 1 - 55 days

  • 28.08.2021

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