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Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
Below we will talk about the features of order referral refund (RCB).
To receive the return referral commission, you must follow the rules of our HYIP monitoring and follow the simple instructions:
  • Register in the selected project using the referral link of our monitor. Users not registered by our link, no have right to refback. We are not greedy, but in this case we will not get a reward for you, accordingly, there will be nothing to return to us.
  • Make your deposit and send a request for a refback through the form on the website. You can do this either in your personal account or directly on the main page of our monitor. It is enough just to click the link "Request RCB" under the project in which you made a deposit. Please note: REFBACK APPLICATIONS ARE SUBMITTED ONLY THROUGH THE FORM ON OUR WEBSITE, OR THROUGH OUR TELEGRAM BOT: @FairMonitor_Bot.
  • The application for refback must be submitted only after the funds are added on the project balance and a deposit is created therein. Do NOT send the RCB order in early, or if the funds have not yet reached the project.
  • Deadline for submitting an application for payment of RCB is up to 72 hours from the date of deposit creation. After the expiry of this period, we have the right to refuse refback. The HYIP investment world is fleeting, project can stop paying at any time. We recommend you order a refback immediately after the deposit is created.
  • We pay refback only on projects with status "Pays" and "Waiting". HYIP projects, having the statuses "Problems" or "SCAM", don't pay us funds, respectively, we can't pay you refback. In addition, NEVER make a deposit in projects with such statuses.
  • Check the deposit amount that you specify in the application. Remember, ALL amounts must be indicated in USD.
  • Refback payment is possible as on the purse of your payment system, and on the monitor balance. If you chose the second option, choose the payment system "Fairmonitor" and write your login as a purse number.
  • When ordering a RCB, check that your payment details match the chosen EPS. Unfortunately, the applications where, for example, the purse Payeer is specified, and the Bitcoin EPS is chosen, we can't pay.
  • The processing time for the RCB application is up to 36 hours. We try to pay the refback as quickly.
  • When ordering a refback, specify the current email. In case of problems or issues with the payment of RCB, the operator will write to you what needs to be added or corrected in the application.
  • In order to receive the MAXIMUM refback, you need to approve it with administration and only then apply for RCB. The rules for obtaining the maximum refback can be found here.

Attempts of fraud (indication of untrue data, amounts) will be severely rejected with application to the sanction, up to the BAN and zeroing of the balance in the personal cabinet of our monitor.
After the completion of these points, within 36 hours (in fact, much less, 2-4 hours), the referral commission amount that is supposed to be credited to your wallet. That's all you need to do to get refback.
Attention! Since the refback from our first monitoring bank is from 100%, and often considerably exceeds this size, we pay it from our personal balance. This is why we ask you to treat with understanding and, if possible, leave feedback about its receipt in the topics on the forum and social networks. Two minutes of your time will help us develop our monitoring, therefore, constantly increase the size of the referral commission.

* In case the refback from our monitor didn't come to you within 72 hours, please contact the telegram description your problem: @fairmonitor

Active Requests 2
Processed Requests 83098
RCB Received $397,860.95
RCB Pending $2.00


Status Time Program Deposit/RCB Username EC No
Pending 01:11:33 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 uda****** PerfectMoney U11*******
Pending 00:02:06 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 vhf******* vfh*******

Status Time Program Deposit/RCB Username EC No
Paid 23:19:55 Bilionex $107.22 / $3.85 dmn*** dmn***
Paid 23:19:32 Bilionex $110.00 / $3.85 Muh******* Muh*******
Paid 23:19:15 Ratetobepaid $30.00 / $0.30 led****** led******
Paid 23:18:41 Bilionex $60.00 / $2.10 Lig***** Lig******
Paid 23:18:12 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 upv****** PerfectMoney U19*******
Paid 23:17:32 Rsgroup $100.00 / $25.00 And****** PerfectMoney U24*******
Paid 20:25:46 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 top***** PerfectMoney U19*******
Paid 20:25:25 Bitplam $50.00 / $2.50 pau******* PerfectMoney U85*******
Paid 20:25:23 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 Pit***** PerfectMoney U10*******
Paid 10:53:32 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 ric******* PerfectMoney U10*******
Paid 10:30:10 Bilionex $106.48 / $3.73 dmn*** dmn***
Paid 10:29:15 Bilionex $110.00 / $3.85 Muh******* Muh*******
Paid 10:28:30 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.75 vhf******* vfh*******
Paid 10:27:54 Bilionex $60.00 / $2.10 Lig***** Lig******
Paid 10:27:18 Ratetobepaid $10.00 / $0.10 Bro******* Bro*******
Paid 10:26:18 Rsgroup $100.00 / $25.00 Ver****** PerfectMoney U24*******
Paid 10:26:16 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 upv****** PerfectMoney U19*******
Paid 10:26:14 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 uda****** PerfectMoney U11*******
Paid 10:26:13 Bilionex $55.00 / $1.10 Kon******* PerfectMoney U21*******

Status Time Program Deposit/RCB Username EC No
Paid 18:13:17 Bitplam $100.00 / $5.00 Pix***** PerfectMoney U86*******
Paid 11:31:20 Bilionex $60.00 / $2.10 Lig***** Lig******
Paid 11:30:35 CityBuildTrade $100.00 / $1.00 Pre***** Pre*****
Paid 11:30:01 Ratetobepaid $50.00 / $0.50 guz*** guz***
Paid 10:49:20 Cryptorocket $100.00 / $18.00 Vol****** PerfectMoney U27*******
Paid 10:47:40 Rsgroup $20.00 / $5.60 Yak******* PerfectMoney U30*******
Paid 10:47:38 Rsgroup $100.00 / $25.00 Kas******* PerfectMoney U23*******
Paid 10:41:42 Raffy.AI Limited $50.00 / $2.50 Cen******* PerfectMoney U49*******
Paid 10:41:41 Solid Trade Bank $1000.00 / $5.00 opl***** PerfectMoney U83*******
Paid 10:41:40 Wisedeposit $11.51 / $1.26 moh****** PerfectMoney U17*******
Paid 10:41:05 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 upv****** PerfectMoney U19*******
Paid 10:41:04 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 top***** PerfectMoney U19*******
Paid 10:41:02 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 uda****** PerfectMoney U11*******
Paid 10:41:00 Bilionex $55.00 / $1.10 Kon******* PerfectMoney U21*******
Paid 10:40:56 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 ric******* PerfectMoney U10*******
Paid 10:40:54 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 Pit***** PerfectMoney U10*******

Status Time Program Deposit/RCB Username EC No
Paid 20:19:25 Cryptoparadise $200.00 / $10.00 gjc***** gjc*****
Paid 20:17:32 Bilionex $105.70 / $3.70 dmn*** dmn***
Paid 20:15:39 Bilionex $110.00 / $3.85 Muh******* Muh*******
Paid 20:14:58 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.75 vhf******* vfh*******
Paid 20:13:18 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 upv****** PerfectMoney U15*******
Paid 20:13:10 Bilionex $55.00 / $1.10 Kon******* PerfectMoney U21*******
Paid 20:13:08 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 Pit***** PerfectMoney U10*******
Paid 20:13:06 Ratetobepaid $10.00 / $0.05 Ser******* PerfectMoney U20*******
Paid 20:13:04 Rsgroup $50.00 / $13.00 Olg****** PerfectMoney U15*******
Paid 09:16:20 Bilionex $50.00 / $1.00 ric******* PerfectMoney U10*******
Paid 09:16:15 Superkopilka $165.00 / $16.50 iva******* Fairmonitor iva*******
Paid 09:15:33 Bilionex $105.00 / $3.68 dmn*** dmn***
Paid 09:14:44 Raffy.AI Limited $25.00 / $1.75 nvq******* PerfectMoney U33*******