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Overview "WT Capital Trade"

Oct-23-2017 12:46:37 AM


Good day, dear partners and guests of our portal.


We are Glad to introduce You to the next review of the investment Fund, which recently located in the Exclusive Listing our HYIP monitoring.


Project “WT Capital Trade”, according to its creators, is an officially registered company, which, as the scope of its activities, chose the trades on the Forex and cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Having rich experience in this industry, and orchestrated team of professionals, the project management claims that can provide a stable profit to any of its investors.


Project site is made quite competently and has good functionality. In addition, it is worth noting and its technical component. Internet portal “WT Capital Trade” the author's design, runs on a unique script advanced and secure SSL data encryption certificate from the company COMODO. In fact, the reliability of the project, to some extent, reflects the green stripe greenbar, which is located in the address bar of the site “WT Capital Trade”.


Investment offer draft based on floating daily profit percentage, which, in turn, depends on the success of the auction of the team “WT Capital Trade” on the market. After making a Deposit, the investor will receive from 0.1% to 5% profit per day. This will continue until such time as the total amount of accruals will not be 200% of the nominal value of the contribution.


Payment system project – this is Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Advcash. According to the information that is available on the website, all payments are processed in manual mode with up to 8 hours from the time of order.


Affiliate program “WT Capital Trade” has two levels in depth. In its basic version, it allows to obtain a reward in the amount of:


·         3.5% of the Deposit personally invited users;

·         1.5% of the contribution of referrals of the second level.


Representatives of the project, the figures are 7% and 3% respectively.


Personal account of the investor filled with all the necessary tools. On the main page provides basic information about Your account and the paragraphs that are left, you can:


·         create a Deposit;

·         order payment;

·         transfer funds to another user.

·         view overall statistics of the project;

·         to see with his latest news;

·         to access the referral menu.

·         set your account settings

·         analyse the history of movement of funds in Your account;

·         apply for the status of a “Representative”.


User support “WT Capital Trade” is via online assistant on a website, telephone hotline, and through our ticket system, email and through project groups in social networks.


Well, perhaps, to all the above, it only remains to add that all partners first Bank monitoring Fairmonitor.com you can count on maximum refback for deposits into “WT Capital Trade” from our portal.


Have a Nice day and good mood, dear friends.




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