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Overview "BitSequensce"

Jan-12-2018 12:08:39 AM


Good day, dear partners and guests of our portal.


Let us to present to Your attention a overview of the investment Fund that is located in the Exclusive section Listing our HYIP monitoring.


Project called “BitSequensce”, started on the seventh of December 2017 and, based on the information presented on its website, is an officially registered company which operates in the direction of developing tools for traders and analysts. That the Foundation conducts legal activity, tells us how the number of the certificate of official registration, and the green stripe greenbar in the address bar of the site “BitSequensce”.


Web project portal is made sufficiently high quality and has multiple language options. In addition, we note that the site “BitSequensce” provided with high quality design runs on a licensed script, and equipped with advanced SSL data encryption certificate from the company COMODO. All these factors indicate serious intentions of the administration of the project.


Investment offer of “BitSequensce” based on a lifetime of marketing and allows any party with a Deposit from $ 10 to 3% daily charges. In General, these indicators make the project potentially attractive and accessible for participants with different dimensions of the investment portfolio.


Also worth noting, and affiliate program “BitSequensce”. In addition to the fee in the amount of 5% bonus personally invited users, You on a daily basis will teach 10% of the amount of your profit referrals.


Personal account investor a little overloaded with information, but spending a few minutes to study can be  easy to deal with all of its functionality.


On the main page we see the main financial information of your account history, recent transactions, and buttons for input-output of means, and sections of the side menu, you can:


·         make payment;

·         create a Deposit;

·         withdraw funds;

·         to access the referral menu.

·         set your account settings

·         contact customer support.


By the way, is available through online assistance for the website, ticket system, telephone hotline and e-mail.


Well, dear friends, perhaps we'll finish our review article about the Fund “BitSequensce”.


We just Want to remind that, as before, all partners first Bank monitoring Fairmonitor.com that decide to invest in BitSequensce will get maximum refback from our portal.


Good mood, happy days and, of course, profit to you, dear friends.




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