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Индустрия на месте не стоит, механизм крутится, деньги циркулируют, а соответственно самое время представить вашему взгляду новый дайджест хайп индустрии от первого банка мониторинга Fairmonitor.com. Мы с вами виделись не так давно ...
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Overview "AK-47 Capital"

23.03.2018 - 23:11


Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
We present you another review article in which we will tell you about one of the interesting newcomers, which has recently been placed in the VIP Listing section of our HYIP monitoring.
Project "AK-47 Capital" has been operating on the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. As for the name, it was chosen because of the availability of automatic payments in the project. As the creators themselves say, they associate their Fund with a currency machine gun that shoots dollars and the most famous cryptocurrencies.
The site of the project has a thematic view, which is more like a computer game. However, this did not affect its functionality. Also note that the Internet portal "AK-47 Capital" has a high-quality author's design, works on a unique script and is equipped with a secure SSL certificate of data encryption from COMODO.
The investment proposal of the project, at the moment, is represented by a single tariff plan, under the terms of which any investor with a Deposit of $ 5 for 50 working days will receive 4% profit. Thus, the total amount of payments will be 200% of which 100% - is the body of your contribution and 100% - net profit.
As for payment systems, in "AK-47 Capital" along with traditional Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Advcash present and the most common altcoins. It's Ethereum and Litecoin. As we said at the beginning, payments from the project are made automatically, which is quite convenient.
Fund also has an affiliate program. By its terms, You will receive a reward in the amount of 10% from Deposit of each Your referral. This money will also automatically come to your wallet.
Personal Cabinet, as such in the project is not provided. All you need is to create a Deposit directly through the interface on the site and enjoy the charges. In "AK-47 Capital" provides only referral Cabinet, which allows you to monitor the activity of its partners. However, if You are planning to attract referrals, may not even be recorded.
Ah and couple of words about support users "AK-47 Capital" It is represented by a ticket system, email address, and Telegram support contacts.
In General, this is all information about the Fund "AK-47 Capital" for today. We remind you that all partners of the first monitoring Bank Fairmonitor.com can count on the maximum refback on contributions to this project from our portal.
Profit and good mood, dear friends.


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