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Overview "eMine"

18.07.2019 - 13:01


Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
We present you an overview of the investment fund, which is located in the VIP Listing section of our monitor HYIP.
Based on the information that is described on the "eMine" website, this company is an investment fund that attracts funds from private clients for the development of such a direction as cloud mining. It is from this direction that profit is drawn, which is proportionally distributed among all investors of the fund.
The site "eMine" made quite decent. Yes, there is nothing special here, but, on the whole, the portal of the project definitely deserves a solid four. Additionally, we note that the design here is unique, the script is self-written and the SSL certificate for data encryption is also present.
The investment offer of "eMineis quite simple. Each investor with a deposit of 0.001 BTC for 60 days will receive 3.6% of charges every 24 hours. It is not difficult to calculate that with such marketing, the total payout amount will be 216%, and the break-even point is reached on the 28th day of the deposit operation.
Making a deposit or ordering a payment from "eMine" is possible only through Bitcoin. Withdrawal takes place instantly and this is pretty good.
The partnership program of the "eMine" foundation has three levels in depth with a reward of:
6% of the contribution of personally invited users;
2% of the deposit of referrals in the second line;
1% of the turnover of third level partners.
Let's go to the personal account of the investor. On the main page there are the main indicators of the your account, and in the remaining sections you can:
create a deposit;
order payment;
see a list of your contributions;
analyze financial history;
get access to the referral menu;
and set account settings.
As for user support, in "eMine" it is done through an online assistant on the site and a chat project in Telegram.
Until the new, pleasant meetings, dear friends.


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