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Overview "Azmorels"

25.03.2020 - 02:02

Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
We present you an overview of the new VIP project that has recently been added to our monitor.
The project, called Azmorels, is a classic representative of doublers that you are already familiar with. This investment fund started recently, which gives us the opportunity to be in the forefront. This, in turn, significantly increases our chances of profit from several circles.
As usual, according to legend, everything is pretty modest. All that is known is that Azmorels is an investment platform that works without human intervention for the sole purpose of doubling your funds. Is it the amine here as in the past, we will not say, since this is 100% unknown to anyone. In addition to the admin, of course.
As for the Azmorels website, everything is pretty decent here. It has a nice appearance and no less nice functionality. In addition, it is worth noting that the project’s Internet portal has an authorial design, runs on a unique script and is equipped with an SSL certificate for data encryption from CloudFlare.
As we said earlier, project marketing is based on doubling the amount of your deposit. In this particular case, with a deposit of 0.001 or more Bitcoin, the deposit will double in 200 hours, which is a little over 8 days.
Azmorels works only with Bitcoin, so you need to have a wallet in this system to work with it. As for payments, they are made automatically when the minimum amount on your balance is reached. It is 0.001 BTC.
The Azmorels affiliate program has three levels in depth with a reward of:
5% of the contribution of personally invited partners;
3% of the deposit of referrals of the second level;
1% of the turnover of partners in the third line.
To start working with the project, you need to insert your Bitcoin wallet into the field and click the Start button. After that, you will be taken to the investor’s personal account, where you can see your depository address, see the progress of deposits and see your referral structure.
Well, in the end we want to inform you that user support in the Azmorels project is done only by e-mail. This is not enough, but we will try to help you if you have any difficulties.
That's all for the Azmorels Foundation today.
Until new, pleasant meetings, dear friends.


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