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Overview HighTower

06.05.2020 - 16:04


Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal!
We present to your attention a short review article devoted to the exclusive listing of our HYIP monitor!
So, the Hightower project began its work on May 2 of this year and immediately began to float its placement on specialized sites. According to legend, this investment fund invests its users in real estate, credit and hedge funds, as well as insurance. You can get a stable profit, where they are ready to share with all their investors.
The site of the project is quite decent and deserves a positive assessment. In addition, the Hightower Internet portal has an authorial design, runs on a licensed script and works with Sectigo's SSL data encryption certificate.
Let's move on to Hightower marketing.
Here we have three tariff plans with an unlimited type of work. The contribution and withdrawal of investments at any time after a certain period, which is indicated in the description of each of the tariffs.
Total here you can get 5%, 7% and even 9% profit per day. But, let's be realistic! The most competent figure is 5% with a deposit of 10 to 1000 US dollars.
You can create a deposit or order a payment in Hightower using Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Which, of course, pleases!
In addition, you can earn on the Hightower affiliate program. It has three levels in depth and allows you to make a profit of:
6% of the contribution of personally invited users;
3% of the deposit of referrals of the second level;
1% of the turnover of partners in the third line!
Let's go to the investor’s personal account! In our account you can:
create a deposit;
view a list of your contributions;
order a payment;
analyze financial history;
get access to the referral menu;
set account settings.
Support of users available through the ticket system, online assistant on the site, as well as by e-mail.
Actually, dear friends. Until new, pleasant meetings!

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