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Overview BritishEXFunds

14.08.2020 - 15:03


Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
We are glad to present you a small overview of the investment fund, which has recently been located in the Exclusive Listing section of our HYIP monitoring.
And we will talk about the BritishEXFunds project.
According to legend, this investment fund has been operating since 2013 in the field of financial markets. The company's field of activity includes both cryptocurrency platforms and the traditional Forex market, which, in combination with an experienced team of traders, analysts and programmers, makes it possible to extract the maximum profit from this area in favor of all project investors. Note that, despite the information on the website about the start in August 2013, 4.08 of this year should be considered the real start date.
The BritishEXFunds website is quite decent, although there are some flaws. In general, they are not critical and do not carry a special role in themselves. It is worth adding to this that the project's Internet portal has a unique design, runs on a licensed script and is equipped with an SSL certificate for data encryption from Sectigo.
Well, now is the time to talk about project marketing.
In general, here we are offered five tariff plans with a daily profit and seven tariffs with payment of the body of the contribution and profit at the end of the term. In the first option, the deposit works from 10 to 500 business days, and the profit can be from 0.5% to 20% per day. In these rates, the body of your deposit will be returned at the end of the investment period.
The second line seems to us unpromising, since it contains the minimum amount of participation and investment terms that do not meet the criterion of safe work. Be that as it may, in these tariffs the profit can be from 150% to 2000% for a period of up to 120 working days.
You can create a deposit or order a payout from BritishEXFunds via Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Tether, AdvCash and PayPal. As for payments, they are made in instant mode for the first two payments, and in other cases, there is a manual procedure for processing applications with a schedule of up to 24 working hours.
The BritishEXFunds affiliate program has three levels in depth with a structured income of 5% - 2% - 1% of the partners' deposit according to their level. With the development of the network itself, the income from the first level can be pumped up to 10%.
The investor's personal account is simple and easy to use. Its main page contains the main indicators of your account, and in the remaining sections you can:
create a deposit;
view the list of your deposits;
order a payment;
analyze financial history;
get access to the referral menu;
set your account settings.
BritishEXFunds customer support is provided through the ticket system and email. Possibly, groups and chats on social networks will be added soon.
On this note, dear friends, we will conclude our review. Profit and great mood.


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