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Overview Robotics

13.08.2021 - 21:09


Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
We are glad to present you an overview of one of the newcomers in the VIP Listing section of our HYIP monitor, which was added there a few days ago.
An investment fund called Robotics, according to the legend that is described on the pages of its website, is an official company that has been trading cryptocurrencies since 2019 and has been significantly successful in this business. Actually, you and I are offered passive income on the ability of project professionals to extract profit from crypto trading.
The site of the Robotics Foundation is made exclusively of high quality, which gives confidence in the serious intentions of the administration. It is worth adding to this that the project portal has a unique design, works on a self-written script and is equipped with an SSL certificate for data encryption.
The Robotics fund marketing is represented by a unified tariff plan, under which an investor with a deposit of $ 50 or more will receive a floating profit in the range of 0.25% to 0.5% within 12 working days. Thus, for the period you can get from 3% to 6% of net profit.
You can create a deposit or order a payment from Robotics using Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as payment systems. Before payments, they are processed manually with a schedule of up to 96 hours from the moment of ordering.
The Robotics Foundation affiliate program has three levels in depth with rewards in the amount of:
5% of the contribution of personally invited users;
3% of the deposit of referrals in the second line;
1% of the turnover of third-level partners.
Let's go to the investor's personal account. Its main page contains the main indicators of your account, and in the remaining sections you can:
top up your account;
create a deposit;
order a payment;
take part in the lottery
set your account settings;
get access to the referral menu;
contact user support.
By the way, it is represented by a ticket system, as well as links to groups and chats of the project on social networks.
Actually, that's where we have everything about the Robotics Foundation for today. Profit and good mood for you, dear friends.

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