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Overview Infinity Bet

19.09.2021 - 14:02

Good afternoon, dear partners and guests of our portal.
We present to your attention a short review article in which we will tell you about one of the newcomers of the VIP Listing section of our HYIP monitor.
An investment fund called Infinity Bet, according to the legend that is described on the pages of its website, this is a closed community of investors, which has been specializing in betting, sports predictions and sports arbitration for 7 years. The team of specialists consists of more than 20 professionals who use the most effective strategies for making money on sports betting. They have carefully studied all the pitfalls of this area in order to collect together the most valuable knowledge and use it for the benefit of clients.
The fund's website is quite decent and easy to use. It is worth adding to this that the Infinity Bet portal has a unique design, works on a self-written script and is equipped with an SSL certificate for data encryption from Cloudflare.
The marketing of the project is based on three tariff plans with a daily profit. Here you can get:
floating profit from 0.5% to 1.2% per day until the total payment is 200%. The minimum deposit amount is $ 100.
fixed 0.8% daily profit until reaching 200% ROI with a deposit of 5000 USD and up to 220% payout with a deposit of 50,000 USD.
Also, pay attention to a few facts: after registration, you will have 30 days to create an investment. During this time, you can try your luck on the track of fortune and save yourself for a deposit due to the winnings. It can be turned every 24 hours. There are also two games where you can also make some money - craps and roulette.
Additionally, you can take part in the events of the Arena and receive generous cash rewards.
You can create a deposit or order a payment from the project using Perfect Money and Bitcoin as payment systems. Please note that payments are processed manually, and the minimum amount for creating a withdrawal request is $ 20.
Let's go to the investor's personal account. Here you can:
create a deposit or order a payment;
see a list of your deposits;
get access to the referral menu;
watch online broadcasts of matches;
read the project news;
contact user support;
set your account settings.
And on this we have everything for you. Until new, pleasant meetings, dear friends.
The dynamics of contributions and technical details of the project are available on this site.
Checking the uniqueness of the design, technical analysis and the volume of deposits in Cory Bets are available at Investorstartpage.

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