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Overview "Chain Group Service"

Jul-30-2017 12:23:26 PM


Good day, dear partners and guests of our portal.


We are glad to present to Your attention a regular review of the investment Fund from Fairmonitor.com. And this time, under our close attention gets the project “Chain Group Service”, which not so long ago was added to the VIP Listing our HYIP monitor.


Chain Group Service”, according to the information that is available on the website, is an aggregator for trade groups to conduct its activities in the direction of trading cryptocurrency. A potential investor may choose any of these groups, invest in it and get a legitimate profit.


WebsiteChain Group Service working  on a unique script, has author design, and include SSL data encryption certificate from the company COMODO.


Investment project mostly depends on the offer presented on the portal of the trade unions.


·         «BitStrong» can for 250 days to bring 3% charges per day;

·         «Dragon Fundation» provides 6% profits in 24 hours for 180 days;

·         «T. G. Thomas» promises to 1.7% every 24 hours, for 300 days;

·         «Chain Trade Group» over 500 days gives you the opportunity to obtain a fixed 0.2% contribution.


It should be noted that all groups except the latter provide a floating percentage of the profits, but not less than 0.1% per day.


There is a possibility of early withdrawal of body investment, but at the same time, a similar operation pay Commission, the amount of which is specified in the description of each of the trade unions.


Make a Deposit or withdraw funds from the project and possibly through the Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Advcash and Etherium. Also available replenishment and other cryptocurrencies using the service CoinPayments and withdrawal from the project is carried out manually.


Slightly increase the income from work with “Chain Group Service” can be due to its affiliate program. By its terms, You can get rewards 5% of the Deposit personally invited users.


Personal account investor simple and clear.


On the main page shows the main financial statistics of Your account and links to conduct monetary operations, and in sections of the sidebar can:


·         view a list of their contributions;

·         to see the history of movement of funds in Your account;

·         to read or write a message to the other parties;

·         set your account settings

·         contact customer support;

·         to access the referral menu.


User support Chain Group Service” presented by ticket system and telephone hotline.


Well, dear partners, that's all for today, this  project. Perhaps to remain only to add that any of the users Fairmonitor.com can count on maximum refback for deposits into “Chain Group Service from our portal.


Have a nice day and high profit, dear friends.




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