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Hot summer is already here!

02.06.2021 - 21:09

For investors, the real heat begins at Fairmonitor.
We are launching in the summer the TOP, interesting, and (most importantly!) Mega-profit contest "Hot Fair Quests"!
Every week we will release for you a small list of tasks within the "Hot Fair Quests", by completing which you will receive the coveted money order from us! Each time the tasks will be different, but they will all be related to our daily work with you.
Well, for example: "invest in VIP, leave feedback on refback and post the payment on mmgp - 3 bucks" or "unsubscribe 3 comments on our YouTube channel, post the payment of the RCB in our forum thread - $ 1". Etc.
In general, you get the point - you will do what you did before. But now you will receive additional "money" from Fairmonitor for this! Also in an interesting, active quest format. An excellent and advantageous offer for everyone.
We know for sure that Fire has the most friendly and numerous community of investors. With quests, each of you will be able to earn more money, reduce your risks and engage in your favorite investments in a new format!
Subscribe to all our social networks and wait for the first quest of the week, it is just around the corner! Let's give the industry heat!
PS: Offer interesting conditions for quests, in our telegram-chat (with the hashtag "heat"), we will give two most efficient authors $ 10 each. The heat begins!!


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  • Rivaar

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